Meet the Honey Bee Baker

My name is Melissa, which in Greek means "Honey Bee".  I think the name suits me well, I'm focused, dedicated, strong-willed, and I looooove sweets :).  I'm a full-time mother baby nurse with a passion for baking, cooking, decorating, and fashion.  My love for baking started in high school when I realized how happy it made people to indulge on treats.  Through the years I've continued to experiment and hone my baking skills by baking for my family and friends.  I really just enjoy being in the kitchen!  I love the smells, the feel of the ingredients between my fingers, the challenge it presents, and the infinite possibilities behind every basic recipe to make your own.  

I'm a dreamy newlywed, and my favorite person to bake and cook for is my dear husband, Jon.  He enjoys all things strawberry and desserts that aren't overly sweet.  Since we've been married, he's developed more of a sweet tooth and he's my number one fan.

I dedicate this blog to fellow culinary artists who are looking for inspiration in the kitchen.  I hope to develop new recipes that are easy, fun and ignite dialogue about food and blossoming new recipes.  My ultimate vision for this food blog is to be a space to share unique, delicious recipes that you can make your own.  Nothing makes me happier than to inspire others to bake and cook!  I hope you enjoy my blog!  If you would like to contact me, please email me at


The busy honey bee,



Tour the Bee Hive

Welcome to my home! :)

Our Chicago loft, I love the mix of different elements.

Huge windows give our place a sunny feel.

Timber ceiling adds warmth.

Designed this whimsical, industrial light fixture.

Every home should have a cactus… meet Spike.

Chalkboard art, but also practical when we need to make our grocery list!

Vintage wedding frame collage.

The Honey Bee Sweetscape

For the photo shoot, I wanted to showcase a few desserts.  Here are some beautiful shots and their descriptions.

Pistachio donuts with a vanilla bean glaze.

Rosette vanilla almond cake with vanilla buttercream.

Cap'N Crunch Berry macarons.

Oreo macarons with an oreo buttercream filling.

Ruffled vanilla cupcakes with a fluffy vanilla buttercream.

Soft confetti sugar cookies.

Coooookie Crisp Macarons with a chocolate filling.

Afternoon tea anyone? :) 

Photo credit: Eriw Drewtiz Photography (